Your fully integrated eCommerce store

OneAcademy is designed to remove the hassle from selling your online course, saving you time, money and ensuring your learners get a seamless experience.
Unlike other platforms, OneAcademy brings together all aspects of elearning, meaning you can create, conduct and sell your course in 3 simple steps. No more integration, just one platform for all your elearning needs.
An intuitive
browsing experience
Each of your courses gets published and added to your catalogue, giving your users the ability to easily find the learning experience that's right for them. Once found they can make a purchase and start learning in a matter of minutes.
Flexible payments,
zero commission
We help you create a pricing model that best suits your business, whether that's fixed price, subscription, tokens or a mix, ensuring your customers get what they want.
We also integrate into the majority of the payment gateways and best of all we charge zero commision!
OneAcademy isn't
just to sell courses...
Sell more - we help you sell merchandise too and anything else you may want to sell. Our intelligent platform also allows you to suggest relevant courses and up-sell modules, allowing you to maximise your revenue potential.
Our reports give you the insight you need to make informed business decisions - understand how your courses are performing, how much money they've generated, how you're tracking against your targets and what your weekly, monthly and yearly results are looking like.
Maximise your
revenue potential